Shipmates on Eternal Patrol

Listed below are Sennet shipmates that have recently departed on Eternal Patrol,
and those shipmates whose deaths we have just learned about.

We Remember

  QM3(SS)   Sherman A. Long   (1956-1957) departed July 07, 2018.

  STS3(SS)   Fred F. Maphis   (1965) departed December 27, 2019.

  FTG3(SS)   William J. Scott   (1962-1963) departed September 03, 2019.

  S1c(SS)   Charles A. Weller   (1945-1946) departed November 30, 2019.

  EM2(SS)   Marvin M. White   (1960-1962) departed November 01, 2019.

USS SENNET 2019 Reunion

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