SENNET's Binnacle List

A binnacle was the stand on which the ship's compass was mounted.   The binnacle list gets its name from the ancient nautical practice of posting the ship's sick list on the binnacle each morning for the captain.

Here is the binnacle list of our shipmates who are struggling with health issues and would apprectiate some encouragement.   Remember - a simple card, letter, email, or phone call can do wonders to cheer up your friends and shipmates.

Hubert " Dale" Cross   TM1(SS)  1959-68

Dale Cross suffers from dimentia and is unable to come to our reunions.   Dave Hardy (1962-66) stays in touch with Dale and recently sent me this e-mail:

(April 11, 2020)   I just talked to Dale about an hour ago.   We never talk that he doesn’t bring up something about the Sennet.   I call him weekly, but most times he doesn’t answer, because he can’t work his phone right.   I know he would enjoy cards etc, but I doubt he could ever write back.   He has dementia and has home-help personnel around the clock.   He remembers the past and we often talk about the South American trip.

I think that Dale would be greatly cheered to get a card from some of his SENNET friends and shipmates, and maybe even a picture or two.   His address is:

Dale Cross
78 Balee Dr.
Ethridge, TN   38456-5626

Ralph & Sharon Luther   MM1(SS)  1964-68 decom

(May 25, 2020)   This is a good news - bad news binnacle announcement.   First the good news:

MM1(SS) Ralph R. Luther (1964-68) has been the captain of the Sennet reunion organization.   He planned and hosted our reunions, published newsletters and stocked our ship’s store.   For the last three years or so, Ralph suffered through nine surgeries.   The good news is that his last surgery appears to have fixed everything and Ralph seems to be doing much better.

Now the bad news:

Sharon Luther - If Ralph was our organization’s captain, then Sharon was the Chief of the Boat.   And we all know that the Chief of the Boat (COB) was the one that made everything happen.   Sharon was our reunion hostess, always with a smile and with all the answers.   She not only cared for Ralph when he was sick, she also took care of Sennet business.   You could not go to a Sennet reunion and not appreciate all that Sharon did.
Sadly, as Ralph saw his health improve, Sharon was diagnosed with at least four internal cancerous tumors.   She is currently at home and initially being treated with chemotherapy.

These are discouraging times for both Sharon and Ralph, and I believe that Sharon would be greatly cheered by some cards, phone calls and prayers.   You can reach Sharon and Ralph at:

Sharon & Ralph Luther
107 Wood Side Dr.
Summerville, SC 29485-8456

Sharon's cell:   (843) 991-1450
Ralph's cell:   (843) 991-1451

Robert J. "Bob" Mullin   RM2(SS)  1958-60

I just received this e-mail from Robert Mullin’s son, Kevin:

(May 08, 2020)   My dad is struggling with Alzheimers’ and is in a memory care assisted living facility here in Rutland, VT.   He no longer uses email.   All his mail comes to my attention at 118 Ox Yoke Drive, Rutland, VT 05701.   Please give everyone from the USS Sennet his regards, but he will not likely be able to attend the reunion next year.

Kevin added, my dad would love to get cards.

You can send cards and words of encouragement to Bob Mullin at:

Robert Mullin
c/o Kevin Mullin
118 Ox Yoke Dr.
Rutland, VT   05701-9301

Thanks for remembering your shipmates, and be sure to let me know if you hear of others with health issues that may want to be included on SENNET's binnacle list.   Contact me at