2013 Reunion Pictures Pg 07

Paul Pritchard (61-65) with William "Willy" Jones a WWII vet (sr13a1233)(Albury).

Guests of David Wright (sr13a1234)(Albury).

(L to R) Bob Brown (66-68), Chuck Wrayno (63-68) and Ondra Gainey (sr13a1235)(Albury).

Dale Cross (59-68) (sr13a1236)(Albury).

(L to R) (?), (?), Lucy Albury, Sharon Luther, (???)(sr13a1237)(Albury).

Ralph Luther (64-68) (sr13a1238)(Albury).

(L to R) Carl Gerkens, Gerald Clark, Dave Hardy, John Duncan, Gaines Rogers (sr13a1239)(Albury).

(L to R) Larry Sayetta (60-66), David Woodall (63-64), Joy Woodall, (???) (sr13a1240)(Albury).

2013 Reunion - (sr13a1242)(Albury).

(L to R) Chuck Wrayno, Bob Brown, Ondra Gainey, and Nancy & Mike Hory (sr13a1243)(Albury).

(L to R) Lucy Albury, Larry & Gail Sayetta, Shirley & Paul Pritchard, and Willy Jones (sr13a1244)(Albury).

Bill Dugger, Bob Brown, Chuck Wrayno, Ondra Gainey and Nancy Hory (sr13a1245)(Albury).

Willy Jones and Jim Vernon (sr13a1246)(Albury).

John Duncan with his daughter, Diane (sr13v1334)(Vernon).

William "Willie" Jones (sr13v1344)(Vernon).