2013 Reunion Pictures Pg 03

2013 Reunion - Patriots' Point (sr13v1296)(Vernon).

Jim Vernon (64-67) took lots of pictures (sr13a1241)(Albury).

2013 Reunion - Patriots' Point (sr13v1297)(Vernon).

2013 Reunion - dinner cruise (sr13a1231)(Albury).

2013 Reunion - dinner cruise (sr13a1232)(Albury).

Mike & Nancy Hory (64-66) and Ondra & Nelson Gainey (65) (sr13v1282)(Vernon).

Harry & Gail Harrison (59-65) (sr13v1283)(Vernon).

Betty & Charlie Weller (45-46) (sr13v1284)(Vernon).

(L to R) Dave Hardy, Nelson Gainey, Mike Hory (sr13v1285)(Vernon).

Jim Dunbar, Joe Wilderman, Daphne Phelps and Sally & Woody Seiler (sr13v1286)(Vernon).

Jack & Charlotte Nelson, Melba & Gaines Rogers, Nancy Smith and Marvin White (sr13v1287)(Vernon).

Jeff Gergens, Pat & Dave Molnar, Earlene Furnish, Jack Flanagan and Carl Gerkens (sr13v1288)(Vernon).

Jenny Thomas with Carl & Lucy Albury (sr13v1289)(Vernon).

Mary Jane & Dick Hauck (sr13v1290)(Vernon).

Nancy Hory, Ondra Gainey, Grace & Dave Hardy, Nelson Gainey and Mike Hory (sr13v1291)(Vernon).

John & Lee Goodman, Shirley, Milinda & Dick Gorman (sr13v1292)(Vernon).

2013 Reunion - Dinner Cruise (sr13v1293)(Vernon).

2013 Reunion - End of another beautiful day (sr13v1294)(Vernon).