09 Reunion Pictures pg 01

Reunion 09 - Early arrivals in Myrtle Beach (L to R) Mary & Ben Hale, Dale Cross, Sharon & Ralph Luther, and Yvonne Vernon. (sr09v983) (Vernon).

Reunion 09 - Yvonne Vernon with Ben and Mary Hale take in the famous Grand Strand beaches. (sr09v984) (Vernon).

Reunion 09 - Our hotel, The landmark Resort, in Myrtle Beach. (sr09v985) (Vernon).

Reunion 09 - (L to R) Mary Hale and Yvonne Vernon investigate one of the Landmark Resort's swimming pool fountains. (sr09v986) (Vernon).

Reunion 09 - (L to R) Stan Pollard, Gizzie Phelps, Dick & Mary Jane Hauck, Betty Crosby, Carl & Ilene Henning, and Betty Westenholme begin to assemble in our hospitality room. (sr09v987) (Vernon).

Reunion 09 - (seated L to R) Mary & Ben hale, John & Billie McMichael. (standing L to R) Keith Malone and Dennis Harding. (sr09v988) (Vernon).

Reunion 09 - ( L to R ) Stan Pollard, Yvonne Vernon, Gizzy Phelps, and Dick and Mary Jane Hauck. (sr09v989) (Vernon).

Reunion 09 - Catching up on old friendships. (sr09v990) (Vernon).

Reunion 09 - You also make lots of new friends with former crew members. (sr09v991) (Vernon).

Reunion 09 - The hospitality room was full of Sennet shipmates. (sr09v992) (Vernon).

Reunion 09 - Yvonne Vernon and Sharon Luther. (sr09v993) (Vernon).

Reunion 09 - Stan Pollard (67-68) bringing in the eats and treats for the crew. (sr09v994) (Vernon).

Reunion 09 - Eats and treats included warm Krispy Kreme donuts each morning. (sr09v995) (Vernon).

Reunion 09 - ( L to R ) Ed LaPointe (47-53) and Ralph Luther (64-68) (sr09v996) (Vernon).

Reunion 09 - There was lots of Sennet memorabilia on display. (sr09v997) (Vernon).

Reunion 09 - A brass Sennet plaque. (sr09v998) (Vernon).

Reunion 09 - Stan Pollard (67-68) and Charles Wrayno (63-68). (sr09v999) (Vernon).

Reunion 09 - ( L to R ) Gaines Rogers (60-62) and Marvin White (60-62) catch up on old times. (sr09v1000) (Vernon).