Reunion Pictures

Reunion 2002 - ENC Ernie Barwick 62-66 and his bride, Stella, pose in front of Buffalo's Anchor Bar - where Buffalo Wings were invented (Vernon) (sr02v328).

2002 - We had a great banquet at the Buffalo reunion (Vernon) (sr02v337).

Chasn Reunion 2003 (Albury) (sr03a346).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - TM2(SS) Dave Hardy (62-66) conducts SENNET's memorial service onboard the carrier Yorktown. Dave's congregation in Oklahoma gave a very generous contribution to support our reunion and memorial service (Albury) (sr03a355).

Chasn Reunion Banquet 2003 - Contact Stan if you can supply these names (Albury) (sr03a364).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - (L to R) "Panama Jack" Stevenson (44-45) and Jim Vernon (64-65) (Barwick) (sr03b373).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - The wives look up to us with awe and adoration (Barwick) (sr03b382).

Reunion 2003 - Chasn - QM2 Stan Pollard 67-68 and MM1 Ralph Luther 64-68 (Kihm) (sr03k579).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - (L to R) Ardell "Lee" Cox (64-66) and Marshall "Pappy" Henderson (50-52) & (61-67) (Shoesmith) (sr03s391).

Charleston 2003 was a great reunion (Sutton) (sr03s580).

Reunion 2003 - (L to R) Jack & Don Hagy, Lou Zorzi, and John Duncan (Vernon) (sr03v406).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - Carl & Lucy Albury (63-65) and MCPO Kulti enjoy the banquet (Vernon) (sr03v415).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - Marine Color Guard for USS SENNET's Memorial Service onboard the carrier USS Yorktown (Vernon) (sr03v424).

May 2003 - Chasn Reunion - (L to R) Dale Cross, Ben Head, and Jim Bullock (Vernon) (sr03v433).

Reunion 05 Panama City Beach - (L-R) Ben Hale, Jim Dileo, and Lou Zorzi (Harding) (sr05h680).

Panama City Beach Reunion - 2005 - (L-R) Billie McMichael, Pat Shoesmith, Lee Montminy, John McMichael, Ray Montminy (back to us), and Don Hagy at the hospitality room (Luther) (sr05l646).

Panama City Beach Reunion - 2005 - John Duncan presenting a plaque to Peggy Jellema for her dedication (Luther) (sr05l655).

Reunion 05 - Panama City Beach - (L-R) Mary Jane Hauck, Jo Simonton, Betty Weller, Charles Weller, George Simonton, and Dick Hauck on the dinner cruise (Luther) (sr05l673).