Reunion Pictures

One might think that Don Taylor was a diesel boat sailor (Don Taylor) (sr02t325).

Buffalo, NY 2002 - 3 sailors on liberty looking for trouble (Vernon) (sr02v343).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - MM1(SS) Ralph Luther (64-68) opens SENNET's memorial service onboard the carrier Yorktown (Albury) (sr03a352).

Chasn Reunion Banquet 2003 - Help Stan with the names please (Albury) (sr03a361).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - The banquet (Barwick) (sr03b370).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - Jim Vernon (64-65) and Ralph Luther (64-68) (Barwick) (sr03b379).

Reunion 2003 - Chasn - Gathering for the Memorial Service on the hanger deck of the carrier, Yorktown (Ed Jones) (sr03j574).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - (L to R) Chuck "Animal" Wrayno (63-68), Ron Gamiere (67-68), and Charles "TAG" Rutherford (60-64) (Shoesmith) (sr03s388).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - (sitting) Don Shoesmith (65-68) and Stella Barwick. (standing L to R) Ralph Luther (64-68), Dave Hardy (62-66), Dale Cross (59-68) and Ernie Barwick (62-66) (Shoesmith) (sr03s397).

Feb 25, 2007 - 549 x 800 - 63.75 K

Chasn Reunion 2003 - Carl Albury (63-65) introduces the guest speaker from SubLant (Vernon) (sr03v412).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - (L to R) Charles Cotter and Lucien Radd (Vernon) (sr03v421).

USS SENNET Reunion in Chasn - Many of us toured the USS Clamagore (SS-343), a Balao class submarine like SENNET (Vernon) (sr03v430).

Yvonne Vernon, wife of Jim Vernon 64-65 and an extrordinary photographer, briefed the president on our reunion plans (Vernon) (sr03v439).

Panama City Beach Reunion - 2005 - (L-R) Ernie Barwick, Stella Barwick, Cecilia Henderson, and Pappy Henderson at the Wednesday evening get together (Luther) (sr05l643).

Panama City Beach Reunion - 2005 - Al Westenholme with club and Tom Cosby in sudden death play off for 3rd place (Luther) (sr05l652).

Panama City Beach Reunion - 2005 - Woody and Sally Seiler at the Thursday evening supper (Luther) (sr05l661).

Reunion 05 - Panama City Beach - (L-R) John Kihm, Lucy Kihm, Don Klincko, Carol Klincko, Dick Wiley, Stephanie Wiley, and Jack Stevenson on the dinner cruise (Luther) (sr05l670).