Reunion Pictures

2002 - Jack and Karen Scrimiger at the Polish Constitution Day Ball (Scrimiger) (sr02s324).

2002 - 3 wives looking for their sailors (Vernon) (sr02v342).

Chasn 2003 - ENC(SS) Ernie Barwick (62-66) talks with Ltjg Phil Sgamma (64-66) (Albury) (sr03a351).

Chasn Reunion Banquet 2003 - CS2(SS) John & Nan Bevins (63-67) (Albury) (sr03a360).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - (Barwick) (sr03b369).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - (Barwick) (sr03b378).

Reunion 2003 - Chasn - Preparing for the Memorial Service on the hanger deck of the carrier, Yorktown (Ed Jones) (sr03j573).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - Gathering for the Memorial Service (Shoesmith) (sr03s387).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - SENNET's crew from the early 60's (Shoesmith) (sr03s396).

Reunion 2003 - Dinner Cruise vessel - the "New SENNET" for the evening (Vernon) (sr03v402).

SENNET's battle flag on display at the Chasn Reunion 2003 (Vernon) (sr03v411).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - It was almost a mob scene as out of control women scrambled to get pictures of those sexy SENNET sailors (Vernon) (sr03v420).

USS SENNET Reunion in Chasn - Many of us toured the USS Clamagore (SS-343), a Balao class submarine like SENNET (Vernon) (sr03v429).

May 2003 - Chasn Reunion - Dick Gorman and Carl Albury (Vernon) (sr03v438).

Panama City Beach Reunion - 2005 - (L-R) Charles Weller, Betty Weller, Rose Yeager, and Pete Yeager at the Wednesday evening get together (Luther) (sr05l642).

Panama City Beach Reunion - 2005 - Joe Wilderman, golf tournament organizer, off to the side - Don Shoesmith, Robert St John, and Ernie Barwick (Luther) (sr05l651).

Panama City Beach Reunion - 2005 - Tracy Mock and Joe Wilderman (Luther) (sr05l660).

Reunion 05 - Panama City Beach - (L-R) Lucy Kihm, John Kihm, Don Klincko, and Carol Klincko at the Thursday evening supper (Luther) (sr05l669).