Reunion Pictures

2002 - Peggy and TM3 Philip Jellema 55-57 in Marianna, FL today (Jellema) (sr02j626).

Reunion 2002 - (L to R) Yvonne Vernon, Sharon Luther, Ralph Luther, and Stan Pollard enjoy the SENNET reunion banquet in Buffalo (Vernon) (sr02v331).

2002 - Buffalo Gals (Vernon) (sr02v340).

Chasn 2003 - EN2(SS) Harry "Urp" Weiss (55-58), ETC(SS) Charles "Tag" Rutherford (60-64), and TM3(SS) Jim Vernon (64-67) standing (Albury) (sr03a349).

Chasn Reunion Banquet 2003 (Pic #6) - (L to R) unknown lady sits with Dee & Jeter Brock (62-64) Please contact Stan if you can supply other names (Albury) (sr03a358).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - The banquet (Barwick) (sr03b367).

Reunion 2003 - Chasn - The dinner cruise was a lot better than a submarine soup down at sea (Ed Jones) (sr03j571).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - Lee and Ray "Red" Montminy (63-66) (Shoesmith) (sr03s385).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - Stephanie & Dick "Spider" Wiley (55-57) & (59-60) and Al Murphy (60-61) (Shoesmith) (sr03s394).

Reunion 2003 - (L to R) Dorothy Henderson and Cecelia Henderson (Vernon) (sr03v400).

Reunion 2003 - (L to R) Ralph Luther, John Duncan, Ernie Barwick, Cecelia Henderson, "Tag" Rutherford, and Wendel Valentine (Vernon) (sr03v409).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - (L to R) Nan & John Bevins (63-67) and Chuck & Jean Wrayno (63-68) at the banquet (Vernon) (sr03v418).

May 2003 - Arveda Mae "Darlene" Fetters wife of RMC(SS) James Fetters (53-55) at SENNET's reunion in Chasn (Vernon) (sr03v427).

May 2003 - Chasn Reunion - Jack, PattyJo, and Don Hagy (64-66) (Vernon) (sr03v436).

Reunion 05 Panama City Beach - Reunion Banquet (Harding) (sr05h683).

Panama City Beach Reunion - 2005 - lady with white hat and back to us is Betty Westenholme, Dennis Harding, Don Hagy, Ben Hale, man in the middle Al Westenholme, David Woodall, Emily Chelgren, Bill Dugger, and Jo Simonton with hands on hips (Luther) (sr05l649).

Panama City Beach Reunion - 2005 - Jo Simonton counting her winnings from the 50/50 raffle (Luther) (sr05l658).

Reunion 05 - Panama City Beach - off to the left is Dick Wiley; (L-R) Ted Darby, Jo Simonton, David Woodall, Tom Cosby, ??, Ben Hale, Emily Chelgren, Don Hagy on his knee, Ed Maust, Joe Wilderman, Bill Dugger - bald head, Al Westenholme, and Betty Westenholme (Luther) (sr05l667).