Reunion Pictures

2002 - RM2(SS) Dick Hauck 58-59 today (Hauck) (sr02h628).

Reunion 2002 - MM1(SS) Ralph Luther and his better half, Sharon, announced plans to host a SENNET reunion in Charleston in May of 2003 (Vernon) (sr02v330).

Buffalo, NY 2002 - Jim Fields conducting the business and planning for our next reunion (Vernon) (sr02v339).

Chasn 2003 (Pic #1) - (L to R) EM2(SS) William Butler (60-63), TM1(SS) Jim "Tadpole" Bullock (63-67), TM2(SS) Wylie "Ben" Head (62-65), and unknown. In the background (black shirt) is Gene Kennedy (57-61) talking to Norm Burke (57-59). MM1(SS) Robert St.John (61-63) is standing center rear (Albury) (sr03a348).

Chasn Reunion Banquet 2003 - Larry & Gail Sayetta (60-66) with Paul & Shirley Pritchard (61-65) (Albury) (sr03a357).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - (L to R) TMC(SS) & COB Wendell Valentine (60-64), TM2(SS) Wylie "Ben" Head (62-65), TM1(SS) Jim "Tadpole" Bullock (63-67), TM3(SS)Jim Vernon (64-67), and TM1(SS) Dale Cross (59-68) (Albury) (sr03a366).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - SENNET Mermaids (Barwick) (sr03b375).

Reunion 2003 - Chasn - The SENNET crew gets underway for a dinner cruise on the Cooper River (Ed Jones) (sr03j570).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - The Marine Color Guard at our Memorial Servive (Shoesmith) (sr03s384).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - (Shoesmith) (sr03s393).

Reunion 2003 - (L to R) Ralph Luther & Lori Jo Simmons (Vernon) (sr03v399).

Reunion 2003 - (L to R) Phil Sgamma (64-66), Jim Grego (63-66), Charles Cotter (CO 64-66), and Ernie Barwick (62-66) (Vernon) (sr03v408).

Chasn Reunion 2003 - Jim Vernon (64-65) and his daughter, Kate (Vernon) (sr03v417).

SENNET Reunion in Chasn - May 2003 - Sharon and Ralph Luther register guests (Vernon) (sr03v426).

May 2003 - Chasn Reunion - Babes were hanging from the balconies to get a glimpse of those sexy SENNET sailors (Vernon) (sr03v435).

Reunion 05 Panama City Beach - Charlotte and Jon Zimmerman (67-68) (Harding) (sr05h682).

Panama City Beach Reunion - 2005 - (L-R) Tom Cosby, Ed Maust, Douglas "Crazy" McCarthy, and David Woodall -- golfers (Luther) (sr05l648).

Panama City Beach Reunion - 2005 - John Duncan and Al Murphy with mic talking about VA benefits (Luther) (sr05l657).