1947 Pictures - pg 5.

1947 - USS SENNET in drydock in Balboa, CZ (LaPointe)(sb47l606).

Circa 1947 - SENNET coming alongside the piers in Panama (LaPointe)(sb47l611).

Circa 1947 - Returning to Panama from sea (LaPointe)(sb47l612).

Circa 1947 - Returning to Panama from sea (LaPointe)(sb47l613).

A clipping from an April 1953 edition of Collier's magazine about USS Sennet's role in Operation High Jump (1946-47) (Nevins)(sb47n588).

Jan 25, 1947 - USS SENNET refueling from the USS Cacapon (AO-53) off Scott Island just inside the Antartic Circle (Schreffler) (sb47w914).

TM1 Walter "Pappy" Griffith (48-50) (LaPointe)(sc47l463).

GMSN Jack Shipp (46-49) (LaPointe)(sc47l464).

GMSN Jack Shipp (46-49) (LaPointe)(sc47l465).

1947 - EN3 Joseph H. Clarke (46-49) (LaPointe)(sc47l507).

1947 - MoMM3 Edmund J. Figas (45-48) (LaPointe)(sc47l508).

Panama circa 1947 - (L to R) SC1 Ned Henry and GM2 Gene Petz (LaPointe)(sc47l543).

EM2 Clark "Ed" LaPointe (47-53) in SENNET's conning tower (LaPointe)(sc47l551).

1947 - QM3 Paul Nicola (47-48) topside on USS SENNET (LaPointe)(sc47l552).

1947 - QM1 William Feeney (46-47) topside on SENNET (LaPointe)(sc47l553).

The sub tender and piers in Panama about 1947 (LaPointe) (sm47l563).

USS SENNET approaches the drydock in Panama about 1947 (LaPointe) (sm47l564).