1947 Pictures - pg. 2

Dick Hrovat 51-52 copied this article from a 1953 Ed book "Colby" (Hrovat)(sb47h026).

1947 - USS RUNNER (SS-476), USS SENNET (SS-408), and several other boats moored in Panama (LaPointe)(sb47l440).

1947 - USS SENNET's bow (LaPointe)(sb47l441).

Circa 1947 - Submarines moored in Panama (LaPointe)(sb47l442).

USS SENNET nested with other boats in Balboa, Canal Zone in 1947 (LaPointe)(sb47l470).

Panama 1947 - "Give me liberty or give me death." These SENNET sailors are waiting for either Liberty Call or an inspection (LaPointe)(sb47l471).

1947 - USS SENNET is dwarfed by an endless expanse of Antarctic Sea pack ice (Tidd)(sb47t028).

1947 - USS SENNET is dwarfed by an endless expanse of Antarctic Sea pack ice (Tidd)(sb47t029).

1947 - (L to R) CEM Henry Brengelman (44-47), EM2 Jim Fields (46-49) (almost hidden behind the chief), and MoMM3 Burton Lange (46-47) (LaPointe)(sc47l453).

Circa 1947 - (L to R) unknown, Jim Fields, and two more unknowns. Contact Stan if you can supply names or details (LaPointe)(sc47l454).

1947 / 48 - (standing L to R) unknown, EM3 B.J. "Bernie" Flannagan (47-51), and GMSN Jack Shipp (46-49). Sailor in front is unknown (LaPointe)(sc47l455).

1947 - (L to R) QM3 Paul Nicola (47-48), MoMM3 Burton Lange, and unknown (LaPointe)(sc47l456).

1947 - (L to R) EM1 Roy Giles (47), EM3 B.J. Flannagan (47-51), and QM1 Bill Feeney (46-47) (LaPointe)(sc47l457).

1947 - (L to R) F1 "Jack" Seitlinger (46-47), Charles Manneback (45-48), unk, and TM1 Mack Foxx (47-49) (LaPointe)(sc47l458).

1947 - (L to R) (front row) QM1 Dennis Murphy (46-49), TN Herbert Stewart (47-49). (second row) unknown, CK1 Edward McNair (46-47). (third row) unknown, unknown, and EM3 Chris Guckert (46-47) (LaPointe)(sc47l459).

1947 - (L to R) QM3 Paul Nicola (47-48) and EM3 Chris Guckert (46-47) (LaPointe)(sc47l460).

QM1 William Feeney (46-47) (LaPointe)(sc47l461).

S1c Angelo "Abby" Gennaro (46) (LaPointe)(sc47l462).

Sennet crew members on Operation Highjump were awarded the Antarctic Service Medal (Delany) (sm47d980).

1947 - This little guy rode Sennet topside for 2-3 days during Operation Highjump (Delany) (sm47d981).

1947 - Poster inviting Sennet officers and crew to a party with Tahitian dancers at the Etoile Palace. Poster is in 3 languages with english in the center (Delany) (sm47d982).