1967 Pictures - pg 3

1967 - SENNET underway on three engines passes under the Cooper River bridge (note the shadows off her bow) (Cross) (sb67c090).

1967 - ASW forces make practice bombing runs on SENNET (Cross) (sb67c091).

1967 – Anchored out. (gallucci)(sb67g1516)

1967 – Anchored out. (gallucci)(sb67g1517)

1967 - USS SENNET and a destroyer work their way through the locks in Panama during UNITAS VIII (Hale) (sb67h581).

1967 - USS SENNET waits at anchor to enter the Panama Canal during UNITAS VIII (Hale) (sb67h582).

1967 - USS SENNET enters the locks in the Panama Canal during UNITAS VIII (Hale) (sb67h586).

Oct 1967 - SENNET transits the Straits of Magellan at the southern tip of South America (Tidd) (sb67t092).

Circa 1967 - SENNET displays her masts and antennas during ASW training (Zorzi) (sb67z094).

1967 - EM2(SS), later EM1, Dennis Harding is all smiles in manueuvering as a normal battery charge gets to the finishing rate (Harding) (sc67h243).

1967 - CDR J.T. O'Brien, C.O., presents and award to EMC Bennet Hale (Hale) (sc67h486).

1967 - (L to R) EMC Bennet Hale and RMC Marvin Mayes escourt a South American tour group through SENNET's forward torpedo room (Hale) (sc67h625).

1967 - QM2(SS) Pollard shoots bearings on #1 scope (Pollard) (sc67p244).

Oct 1967 - Punta Arenas, Chile (L to R) XO George Scott, CO Art Thompson, Comms Jim Abbey, Nav/Ops Jim Tidd, Tom Luckman, Eng Bob Burnett, UNITAS VIII Operational Commander RADM Harflimger (Tidd) (sc67t250).

1967 - Montevideo, Uruguay - (L to R) Ronald Rawson SN, David "Randy" Poston FTG3, Jon Zimmerman IC3, and John "Little John" Duncan TM2 (Zimmerman) (sc67z252).

1967 - IC3(SS) Jon Zimmerman 67-68 on board USS SENNET in Uraguay during UNITAS VIII (Zimmerman) (sc67z253).

UNITAS VIII – wallet cards.(gallucci)(sm67g1467)

DBF Dolphins (Rainwater)(sp01r311).