1966 Pictures

Circa 1966 - SENNET toured much of Italy during her Med run (Cross) (sb66c089).

Circa 1965-67 - USS SENNET underway from Chasn (Jernigan) (sb66j587).

1966 - EM3 Charles DiLeo topside at Ocho Rios, Jamaica (DiLeo) (sc66d239).

1966 - CS3(SS) Gary K. Norman (sc66n1541).

1966 - CS3(SS) Gary K. Norman (sc66n1542).

1966 - MM2(SS) Jim Wery (Wery) (sc66w514).

1966 - MM2(SS) Jim Wery (Wery) (sc66w617).

Circa 1966-67 - (L to R) Terry "Frenchy" LaCoss, Dave Molnar, CDR Art Thompson, Lou Zorzi, and ? (Zorzi) (sc66z240).

Circa 1966 - (L to R) Bill Murphy, Lou Zorzi, and John Goodman take a break from loadiing the boat after a yard period. They're resting on a life raft that had been accidently inflated by Jim Steidley (Zorzi) (sc66z241).