1963 Pictures - pg 3

30 Sept 1963 - UNITAS IV - ARA SANTA FE (SS-11), USS SENNET (SS-408), and ARA SANTIAGO (SS-12) moored in Puerto Belgrano, Argentina (Gorman) (sb63g078).

15 Oct 1963 - A newspaper photo of SENNET arriving in Conception, Chile (Montminy) (sb63m079).

06 Dec 1963 - A cliping from the Chasn News and Courier about SENNET's return from UNITAS. Check the lunch special at the Rampart Room (Montminy) (sb63m080).

23 Oct 63 - UNITAS IV - MMC(SS) St. John and ICC(SS) Pritchard get their chance to mess cook enroute from Valparaiso to Meijillones Bay, Chile (Gorman) (sc63g217).

21 Oct 63 - UNITAS IV - EM1(SS) Goebell and RMC(SS) Spillees were victims of the great mess cook sell out to raise funds to build a schoolhouse in Chile (Gorman) (sc63g218).

1963 - UNITAS IV - Lt Stangle departs USS SENNET for boomer duty (Gorman) (sc63g219).

1963 - UNITAS IV - ETR3(SS) Dick Gorman (Gorman) (sc63g220).

18 Sept 1963 - UNITAS IV - Tony Bitton and Dick Gorman pose in front of the obelisk in Buenos Aires (Gorman) (sc63g221).

1963 - UNITAS IV - ET3(SS) Gorman and IC2(SS) Haskins (Gorman) (sc63g228).

1963 - UNITAS IV - ETM(SS) Hitchcock, SO2(SS) Bass, and ETR3(SS) Gorman on liberty in Lima, Peru (Gorman) (sc63g229).

1963 - ETR3(SS) Dick Gorman (Gorman) (sc63g230).

1963 - TM3(SS) Jim Vernon's sub school class picture (Vernon) (sc63v233).