1963 Pictures pg. - 1

1963 - SENNET made UNITAS IV - a four month circumnavigation of South America traveling south along the Atlantic Coast, transiting the Straits of Magellan at Punta Arenas, then north along the Pacific Coast, and finally through the Panama Canal to return to Charleston. In 1967 SENNET made a second circumnavigation of South America in UNITAS VIII - this time going in a counter clockwise direction (Gorman) (sb63g070).

Dec 1963 - SENNET moors in Chasn, SC after UNITAS IV. The banner spells out USS SENNET SS 408 vertically and says horizontally (U)ss sennet, (S)ailors, (S)ay, (S)ennet, (E)nters, (N)orth America's, (N)icest, (E)astern, (T)own, (S)o long, (S)outh America, (4) months over, (0) to go, (8) weeks at home? (Gorman) (sb63g071).

Dec 1963 - Families and dignitaries greet USS SENNET upon her return from UNITAS IV. Pity the poor guys that have the duty tonight (Gorman) (sb63g072).

Oct 1963 - SENNET escorts two Chilean subs through the Straits of Magellan. Note the cross hairs. Dick Gorman snapped this picture through SENNET's periscope (Gorman) (sb63g073).

1963 - Fred and Nancy England's wedding picture on the step of the old Naval Hospital in Charleston. (England) (sc63e963).

18 Sep 63 - Everett YN1(SS), Cross TM2(SS), and Bennet SN(SS) on liberty in downtown Buenos Aries (Gorman) (sc63g208).

19 Oct 63 - (L to R) Navarete, Pete Paschal, and "Red" Hall return from liberty in Valparaiso, Chile (Gorman) (sc63g209).

Oct 63 - UNITAS IV - EM1(SS) Hitchcock and IC2(SS) Haskins relax in Conception, Chile (Gorman) (sc63g210).

26 Oct 63 - UNITAS IV - (L to R) EN1(SS) "Jeter" Brock and SO1(SS) Charles Oliver were "sold" into mess cooking duties to raise funds to build a schoolhouse in Valparaiso, Chile (Gorman) (sc63g211).

1963 - UNITAS IV - Tony Bitton, "Red Dog" Hall, Dick Gorman, and Pete Paschel on liberty in Panama. "Red Dog" is demonstrating that suave "smoke a cigarette through my nose" trick (Gorman) (sc63g222).

The GTMO Hilton in the early 60's (Gorman) (sc63g223).

1963 - RM1(SS) Ray Montminy. Note the little green memo "brain book" in Ray's shirt pocket. We all carried one. (Gorman) (sc63g224).

1963 - UNITAS IV - One of two 150 lb. Blue Marlins the crew caught off the coast of Peru. This one we donated to the people of Ilo, Peru (Gorman) (sc63g231).

1963 - UNITAS IV - The crew caught two 150 lb. Blue Marlins off the coast of Peru. This one we ate (Gorman) (sc63g232).

1963 - Reenlistment photo of TM3(SS) Raymond "Harry" Harrison (59-65) and LCDR Ewing McDonald, SENNET's 12th Commanding Officer (Harrison) (sc63h631).