1962 Pictures

1962 - USS Sennet moored in Portsmouth, England (Jones) (sb62j970).

July 1962 - USS Sennet Plan of the Day about the planned toredo shoot at a decommissioned attack transport ship (Jones) (sb62j971).

July 1962 - Press release after USS Sennet's successful sinking of a decommissioned Attack Transport ship (Jones) (sb62j972).

1962 - USS Sennet moored at pier November in Charleston (Jones) (sb62j973).

A clipping from the English Daily Telegraph and Morning Post dated June 7, 1962 pictures a visit by SENNET and 7 other US subs to Gosport, England (Rogers) (sb62r068).

Oil painting of USS SENNET in the North Atlantic by Jo McLeod of Thomasville, GA (Steele) (sb62s069).

Circa 1962 - Freddie "Dino" England (62-63) in Panama during SENNET's UNITAS IV cruise around South America. (England) (sc62e962).

1962 - (L to R) TM3(SS) Raymond "Harry" Harrison (59-65) and EM3(SS) Charles Berryhill (60-63) relax in a club (Harrison) (sc62h630).

1962 - James A. "Jimmy" Steele, Jr. just after discharge from the Navy (Steele) (sc62s207).

Aug 1962 - APD-44 is sunk by a torpedo from USS SENNET. The forward room crew was TM1 Klotz, TM2 Bowlby, FT2 Johns, TM3 Head, and TMSN Rogers (Steele) (sm62s305).

1962 - USS SENNET's Logo (Mundy)(sp62m316).

1962 - USS SENNET's first patch (Mundy)(sp62m317).