1960 Pictures - pg 6.

Circa 1960 - SENNET underway (Hahn) (sb60h065).

02 July 1960 - USS SENNET enters Monaco (Hahn) (sb60h066).

1960 - EM3(SS) Charles Ripley (59-61) topside on Sennet (Compeau) (sc60c796).

1960 - SN(SS) Richard "Spider" Wiley stands topside watch on Sennet (Compeau) (sc60c798).

Chasn 1960 - (L to R) EN3(SS) Ronald "Jim" Geer, EM3(SS) Charles Ripley, and unknown. If you know the other one send his name to Stan (Compeau) (sc60c800).

Chasn 1960 - (L to R) EN2(SS) Robert Colvin, EN2(SS) David Dike, and EN1(SS) John "Cookie" Cook (Compeau) (sc60c801).

Chasn 1960 - (L to R) TM1(SS) Raymond "Harry" Harrison, unknown behind, TM1(SS) Hubert "Dale" Cross, and IC3(SS) Helmer Johnson (Compeau) (sc60c802).

1960 - A Barcelona, Spain fashion model parades new styles or swimwear for an appreciative crew (Compeau) (sm60c753).

1960 - Barcelona, Spain fashion show - the models changed clothes inside the sail while the topside watch guarded it (Compeau) (sm60c754).

1960 - Sennet hosted an onboard fashion show in Barcelona, Spain (Compeau) (sm60c755).

1960 - Up close and personal with a Spainish fashion model (Compeau) (sm60c756).

1960 - Oh yeah! Barcelona is looking like a great liberty port (Compeau) (sm60c757).

1960 Barcelona, Spain - This is new! A fashion show onboard a submarine with models in bikinis! Where can I re-enlist? (Compeau) (sm60c758).

1960 - Barcelona, Spain and after weeks at sea - I think I'm in love (Compeau) (sm60c759).

1960 - Barcelona, Spain - How did those beautiful models walk in heels down our open teak wood decks? (Compeau) (sm60c760).