1960 Pictures - pg 2.

Charleston 1960 - Sennet's Torpedo Room (Compeau) (sb60c788).

1960 - Sennet's Forward Engine Room #1 engine air intake rotory lobe blower (Compeau) (sb60c794).

1960 - Sennet alongside a tender in Charleston. Note the davit handling the messenger buoy (Compeau) (sb60c795).

1960 - Cannes, France - EM1(SS) George "Doc" Savidge (57-61) and his crew of electricians (Compeau) (sc60c769).

1960 - EN3(SS) Alonzo Compeau (59-60) topside in Cannes, France (Compeau) (sc60c770).

1960 - We were anchored out in Cannes. The OOD makes his rounds (Compeau) (sc60c771).

1960 - Cannes - Some of the crew rented sailboats. This is believed to be TM1(SS) Burlin Cross (Compeau) (sc60c772).

1960 - Cannes - Al Compeau waits with the ships laundry to be picked up by the heavy cruiser Newport News (Compeau) (sc60c773).

1960 - EN3(SS) Al Compeau and EN3(SS) Ronald "Jim" Geer stood Port & Stbd engine room watches along with Jacobs and Colvin (Compeau) (sc60c774).

1960 - EN3(SS) Al Compeau (59-60) (Compeau) (sc60c775).

1960 - EN3(SS) Alonzo Compeau (59-60) (Compeau) (sc60c776).

Chasn 1960 - (L to R) EN3(SS) "Lonnie" Compeau and EM3(SS) Charles Ripley (Compeau) (sc60c803).

1960 - An interesting double exposure with Sennet. Right is EM3(SS) Charles Ripley, left is unknown. Send his name to Stan (Compeau) (sc60c808).

Chasn 1960 - (L to R) Unknown, Lonnie Compeau, Charles Ripley, and unknown (Compeau) (sc60c809).

1960 - ICFA(SS) Larry Peterman (59-60) (Compeau) (sc60c812).

Circa 1960 - Rock Lake at the New London Subase (Compeau) (sm60c741).

Circa 1960 - Rock Lake at the New London Subase (Compeau) (sm60c742).

Circa 1960 - Subase NLon with the Escape Training Tower in the background (Compeau) (sm60c743).