1955 Pictures - pg 1.

A SENNET Christmas card from 1955 (Don Taylor)(sb55t054).

1955 - USS SENNET heading up the mighty Mississippi to New Orleans. That's Don Taylor poking his head out of the forward room hatch (Don Taylor) (sb55t055).

Circa 1955 - Chivo (SS-341) and Corporal (SS-346) moored alongside the Bushnell (AS-15) (Warren)(sb55w056).

1955 - USS SENNET moored in Santiago de Cuba (Warren) (sb55w057).

1955- Fwd Torp Room - (L to R) TM1 Frank Starling, TMT3 Ken Haughton, and TM1 Oscar Luedtke (Haughton) (sc55h644).

1955- Fwd Torp Room - Mine Table Liberty (L to R) TMT3 Ken Haughton and TM1 Oscar Luedtke (Haughton) (sc55h645).

1955 - Sennet Dependents' Cruise - (L to R on bridge) LCDR Robert Netting (7th CO 54-56), his wife, and LT Edwin Vrieze (54-57) (Hansen) (sc55h698).

1955 - Sennet Dependents' Cruise - Sharon Hansen in the crew's mess (closest to camera). Others unknown (Hansen) (sc55h699).

1955 - John Kihm (55-57) holds the sign for his class graduation at sub school (Kihm) (sc55k180).

Italy 1955 - (L to R) Unknown, FT1 Ray Lindsay 53-55, and QM3 Tom Nevins 52-55 (Nevins) (sc55n534).

1955 - FTSN Howard Sarver topside on USS SENNET in GTMO (Don Taylor) (sc55t181).

1955 - Don Taylor takes the port lookout watch (Taylor) (sc55t182).

Christmas 1955 - TMT3(SS) Ken Thomas (55-57) topside on Sennet (Thomas) (sc55t978).

1955 - Believed to be FN William T. Smith (Warren) (sc55w183).

1955 - EN2(SS) Jack A. "Spooky" Warren 53-56 (Warren) (sc55w184).

1955 - IC3(SS) John K. Dowling 52-55 in Key West (Warren) (sc55w185).

1955 - LT J.R. Vanderpool (54-56) topside in Key West (Warren) (sc55w186).

1955 - The Cadillac hotel in Miami, FL (Hansen) (sm55h700).