1952 Pictures

April 1952 - USS SENNET underway off the coast of Key West (National Archives) (sb52a045).

April 1952 - A broadside view of USS SENNET with her step-sail (National Archives) (sb52a046).

1952 - USS SENNET knifes into rough seas off Jacksonville (Hrovat) (sb52h048).

1952 - USS SENNET moored in Key West (Hrovat) (sb52h049).

March 1952 - USS SENNET moored in Key West (Synott) (sb52s050).

1952 - Havana, Cuba - RM1 Robert Weakley, QMS2 John "Jack" Delaney, FN Warren Bowden, SN Edward Brown on deckwatch, and EN3 Robert Miller (Calland / Greeman) (sc52c173).

Sunday afternoon alongside the United Fruit pier in Havana, Cuba - 1952 - Far right, leaning against a stanchion, may be SA Myron Jaffe. Sitting on a cleat, 2nd from right, is EM3 Merrill Greeman. Can you help identify the others? (Calland / Greeman) (sc52c174).

1952 - CDR Julian Schecken relieves CDR Henry Vaughn as SENNET's commanding officer. Dick Calland says that CDR Vaughn was known as "Flank Hank" when heading to Havana, Cuba for the weekend (Calland) (sc52c175).

1952 - EMP2 William Stolte topside on SENNET in drydock in Key West (Greeman) (sc52g468).

Key West - 1952 - (L to R) EMP2 William Stolte, QMSN Gordon Hubbard, and EM3 Richard Calland (Greeman) (sc52g494).

1952 - EM3 Merrill Greeman (51-52) (Greeman) (sc52g495).

1952 - Richard Calland on the beach in Havana, Cuba (Greeman) (sc52g496).

Key West - 1952 - FN Kenny "Filthy" Romine (49-52) (Greeman) (sc52g509).

1952 - SN Edward "Seaman" Brown center and EMP2 William Stolte right (Greeman) (sc52g510).

EM3 Dick Calland (49-52) at Nassau, British West Indies - 1952 (Greeman) (sc52g517).

1952 - EM3 Richard Calland on his Harley in Key West (Greeman) (sc52g519).

1952 - (L to R) QMSN Gordon Hubbard and LTJG Donald Gairing. TMC Chester Garmalo squatting, and EM3 Dick Calland center of right bench. Others unknown (Greeman) (sc52g520).

Circa 1952 - SENNET moored alongside Batfish. (L to R) Dick Hrovat and shipmate Jaffe (Hrovat) (sc52h176).

1952 - "Bart" Russell helps with escape training off of Key West (Russell) (sc52r511).

1952 - "Bart" Russell at the Forward Torpedo Room hatch (Russell) (sc52r518).

1952 - "Bart" Russell (50-55) (Russell) (sc52r615).