1949 Pictures

Balboa, CZ 1949 - Heading for the beach and liberty (Scrimiger) (sb49s041).

1949 - USS SENNET moored in Santiago, Cuba (Scrimiger) (sb49s042).

Circa 1948 / 49 - Marlin "Dutchie" Zimmerman EN3(SS) topside in Balboa, CZ (Scrimiger) (sc49s161).

Circa 1948 / 49 - FN(SS) David Phillips with the topside watch. Jack Scrimiger told me a good sea story about him. (Scrimiger) (sc49s162).

Balboa, CZ 1949 - TM1(SS) Oscar Luedtke is ready for liberty call (Scrimiger) (sc49s163).

1949 - Jack Scrimiger (also known as "Scrounge" for his ability to come up with hard to find parts) underway on SENNET (Scrimiger) (sc49s164).

1949 - James Fields topside in Balboa, CZ (Scrimiger) (sc49s165).

1949 - Swimming at Fort Key West-Rios (Scrimiger) (sm49s274).

1949 - Swimming at the GTMO (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba) swimming pool (Scrimiger) (sm49s275).