1948 Pictures - pg. 1

1948/49 Canal Zone - TM3 Rufus Moore (46-49) goes over the side to attach retrieval lines to an exercise torpedo (Heater) (sb48h030).

Circa 1948/49 - Loading torpedoes was always a tough and dangerous job (Heater). When I was onboard the deck gun had been removed, and until I saw this photo, I never thought about the extra problem of having the deck gun in the way (Heater) (sb48h031).

Circa 1948/49 - Loading torpedoes (Heater) (sb48h032).

Circa 1948/49 - One more fish goes below (Heater) (sb48h033).

1948/49 - USS SENNET and other boats nested in the Canal Zone (Heater) (sb48h034).

USS SENNET underway near Panama in 1948 or 49 (Heater) (sb48h035).

CS2(SS) Joseph D. Boscarelli 48-51. The picture was taken about 1945-46 (Boscarelli) (sc48b143).

1948/49 Canal Zone - TM1 Mack Foxx (47-49) relaxes topside (Heater) (sc48h144).

1948/49 Canal Zone - TMSN Charles R. Heater (48-50) shows his tattoos and freckles (Heater) (sc48h145).

1948/49 - SENNET is hauled through the Panama Canal locks by "Mules," the geared locomotives on either side, while GM1 William Goodwin (45-48) watches topside (Heater) (sc48h146).

1948/49 Canal Zone - EN3(SS) Joseph Clarke (46-49) topside on USS SENNET (Heater) (sc48h147).

1948/49 Canal Zone - GM3 Robert Wiley (46-49) topside (Heater). Sorry about the picture quality - there was a lot of damage (sc48h148).

1948/49 - Chief of the Boat, TMC Thomas Brady (48-49) and HM1/C Paul Mills (48-51) are topside on USS SENNET as she passes through the locks in the Panama Canal (Heater) (sc48h149).

Circa 1948/49 - EM3 Bobby Dodson (48-50) and TN Herbert Stewart (47-49) shown topside on USS SENNET (Heater) (sc48h150).

Circa 1948/49 - EN2 Otto H. Welper (47-49) (Heater) (sc48h151).